[ Now Hiring: Part-Time WordPress Specialist ]

Positive Element hires designers and developers for contract work. If you are an independent designer with above-average talent and a less than satisfying workload, perhaps we can help each other.

We love creative web designers that work quickly in Photoshop and create well-organized, layered PSDs. Our designers have familiarity and experience with WordPress and/or SquareSpace, and know what a child theme is.

Developers that we work with are masters of PHP and jQuery, and are very familiar with the WordPress plugin landscape. They can find the right plugins to solve any challenge, and when they can’t, they can build it.

We’d especially love to find someone who matches both job descriptions — a great designer who can build a WordPress child theme from the ground up with custom post types and CSS3. Sure, it’s rare to find all these talents in one person, but we keep the dream alive!

Please review our portfolio of WordPress and SquareSpace web sites to see if you are well-suited to our type of work. If you are convinced, then please contact us and let us know. Include your expertise, your hourly rate (or range) and a link to your own portfolio.